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Unique in style, execution and idea of ​​the NFT collection of Tezos

Unique in style, execution and idea of ​​the NFT collection of Tezos

And we found seven collections in which each token is unique. Only eight tokens fit on screenshots, so follow the links and enjoy the rest.

Japanese Genart Collection

Japanese Genart Collection is a https://gagarin.news/news/how-to-safely-buy-crypto-through-digital-asset-exchanges/ generative collection about Japanese culture, obviously. Any other generative tokens have a common structure, such as generated houses, plants or patterns. But this is unique in this token: people, landscapes, buildings, photorealistic still lifes – and everything is in the Japanese style.


UNSIGned – a collection of 100 signatures of women and non -bureau persons. The author of the collection noted that the value of the work is increasing if the man signed it, and it decreases if it was a woman. The conceptual collection does the opposite and creates value precisely for signatures.


Basqkek is a collection of 420 frogs of Pepe painted in the style of Jean-Michel Baskia. The artist himself writes that he painted them with his mouth, and it is difficult not to believe in it.

Distributed Consciousness

Distributed Consciousness is generated with the participation of artificial intelligence and machine learning. As we previously wrote in an article about the TEZZA Ai-Startap, AI behavior on the basis of neural networks is difficult to predict or understand exactly how he makes decisions. But he gets interesting work with colored octopuses and the unique value of each image.

The Truth

The Truth collection on behalf of the narrator opens the story of the wrong Victorian England, which we heard about. No Holmes, but there are aliens. No steam engines, but there are flying saucers. Descriptions of work are possible even more valuable than the work themselves, and they are all unique.

Humanity Like Flowers

The Humanity Like Flowers collection shows how flowers appear from color points and lines. The artist himself writes that some works can be considered as an allegory for social ties. The more – the brighter.

Dax Norman Animation Classics

Dax Norman Animation Classics is the only animated collection in a selection. Everything is drawn by hand, and the work greatly resembles the old animated series from Cartoon Network and especially Aeon Flux. These tokens are best seen in motion than in a screenshot.

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