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Ukraine has joined the European blockchain partnership in the status of an observer

Ukraine has joined the European blockchain partnership in the status of an observer

Ukraine has received the status of an observer under European blockchain partner (EBP). The representative of the country was the deputy head of the Ministry of Council on IT development Alexander Bornyakov.

It is expected that the accession of Ukraine will facilitate the integration of the digital economic space of the country and the EU.

Bornyakov said that this would strengthen work on the introduction of blockchain into state register and services, and will also contribute to the creation of a “highly effective regulatory environment” for the virtual asset market.

The initiative of Ukraine’s accession to the EBP was made by the General Director of the Public Union “Virtual Assets of Ukraine” Konstantin Yarmolenko and the head of the interfraction association of deputies of Blockchain4UKRaine Alexei Zhmerenetsky.

They turned to representatives of the institutional bodies of the EU, including the chairman of the European Commission Ursul von der Lyain, with a request to include Ukraine among the full members of EBP. The head Transit SWAP decentralized of the European Commission, in a response letter, confirmed the prospect of the accession of Ukraine to partnership in the status of an observer.

Earlier, the Union of Virtual Assets of Ukraine and the Blockchain4UKRaine association turned to the EU representatives on the creation of a single infrastructure of blockchain services.

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